We all need a little help with exercise sometimes, whether we’re just starting out or we’ve been at it for a long time. Still, there are people who shy away from personal training, unsure of what they’ll get out of the experience or whether it’s worth the money. There are a number of reasons people work with per trainers.  Some want an individualized program so they can lose weight or get in shape while others simply need to be held accountable for their workouts.   Wherever you are on your exercise journey, a personal trainer may be just what you need to take it to the next level.

Number One: You don’t know where to start in your fitness journey.
For those that don’t know where to start in their fitness journey, a personal trainer can be very beneficial. Personal training will help to maximize your workout time while ensuring you don’t over exert or injure yourself. Personal trainers can also help set realistic goals, coordinating a schedule that helps you to balance and manage your time successfully.

Number Two: You are not seeing results with your current workout.
If you are similar to the millions of people who exercise consistently without achieving the results you desire, hiring a personal trainer is a good idea. A trainer will scrutinize your work out regimen, diet and goals. Changes will then be implemented where needed, helping to build an effective workout and diet plan personalized specifically for you. This will jump start your body and your motivation.

Number Three: You are in need of motivation and accountability.
Personal trainers come with a built-in motivation system; this is part of the package you receive when you hire a trainer. Your monetary investment in a personal trainer is coupled with an investment of your time. The hardest part of beginning a new regimen is personal accountable, but the feeling of accomplishment after a tough personal training session is a worthwhile reward.  Along with increased motivation comes accountability; even on the days you don’t workout, you are well aware of the questions your personal trainer will ask: What did you eat today? What have you eaten since we last trained? Have you kept up with your schedule? Knowing these tough questions are waiting will make it tougher for you to become lazy and apathetic.

Number Four: You are bored with the same training routine.
If you are experienced in the gym you probably have not considered working out with a personal trainer. Hiring a personal trainer is a good idea if you want or need some diversity in your training. A trainer can offer new ideas to challenge your body and will introduce you refresher course, you will feel refreshed in your efforts and have a few new “toys” in your bag with which to play in the gym.

Number Five: You need a good Challenge.
This is closely related being bored with the same workouts. When you get bored, the tendency is to slack off. Hiring a personal trainer can motivate you to boost your sets and push past those mental blocks. Personal trainers drive you to challenge yourself by lifting heavier, working out longer and doing exercises you would never do on your own. Many professional athletes hire personal trainers because they know a trainer will challenge them more than they could challenge themselves.

Number Six: You don’t know how to exercise correctly on your own.
Many individuals desire to go into the gym and perform a work out by themselves with the knowledge that they are performing the exercises correctly and effectively. Hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions can be a good experience for learning the correct way to exercise as well learning more about the muscles used in those exercises. The trainer will also teach you about correct form in an effort to help prevent exercise-related injuries. You will be amazed the lessons you learn from a few personal training sessions.

Number Seven: You are an athlete and training for a specific sport.
If you are training for a specific sport such as baseball, a marathon or tennis, a personal trainer can assist you by improving your physical condition without interfering with your training. A personal trainer can create a sport-specific regimen scheduled around your event and other training. The main focus when using a trainer for this purpose is to find one that is experienced in your sport and can train you accordingly. Not all personal trainers do sports-specific training.

Number Eight: You have an illness or specific condition.
Certain illnesses and conditions such as pregnancy, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, etc. can improve when you exercise. Hiring an experienced personal trainer who works closely with your doctor can help build a program to help heal, reverse or stop your illness or condition. It is critical, however, to ensure your personal trainer has experience with your condition.

Number Nine: You like support and supervision during your workouts.
You may be knowledgeable with workout posture but require someone to support you for those heavy or partner movements. A personal trainer can help to correct your form if you get out of alignment. Personal trainers are also able to be that support system you require and help you to maintain your goals with a quality training program.

Number Ten: You would like in-home training.
Personal trainers don’t just work at gyms or studios; they can also come to your home. If you would like to train at your home but don’t know where to start, how to use your equipment, or just don’t like to work out in a gym, a personal trainer is a great choice. The trainer can teach you how to use your equipment and introduce new equipment for additional training options. Your personal trainer will build a goal-oriented program specifically for you that can be done in the comfort of your home.